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The ticketing and CRM service will be discontinued effective July 31, 2020.

Read more about this decision here.

Sell Tickets, Take Donations, Track Fans

Intuitive Business Software for Artists

How to Work

Sell where you are.

Fans can buy tickets and make donations without leaving your website. No ugly pop ups. No redirecting. Keep the focus and the web traffic where they belong—on you!

See the big picture.

View a fan’s entire history on a single dashboard interface—ticket purchases, donations, solicitations, contact info, eblasts, and more.

Rest easy.

We take security very seriously. You can trust that your data is safe, private, and protected. Sensitive information, like credit card numbers, is transmitted using banking-grade encryption.

Don’t waste money.

If you’re not selling, you aren’t getting charged. It’s that simple. No contracts. No sign up fees. No fine print.

Use it now.

No installation. No week-long trainings. Easy imports.

Access anywhere.

Log in at the office, at home, at the show, or on the road.

Be creative.

It’s not just about data! It’s about the ingenious, life-changing art that you make. Data, records, and tracking are just what helps you get people to that art. is made to support your work!

Work intuitively.'s clean design is easy to learn and uncluttered by tools you don’t need. Your art is what matters—software shouldn’t get in the way.

Recognize relationships,
not just transactions.

Create tags, define connections, segment lists, and make notes to suit your needs.

Go with the Good Guys

Start with 36,000 Artists.

If we know anything, it’s artists. At Fractured Atlas, we help thousands of members navigate insurance, fundraising, and technology for their arts businesses. We’ve learned a lot from a decade of hearing about their daily challenges and celebrating their successes. With more than 36,000 members in 50 states and many countries, we understand what you need – sell tickets, accept donations, and keep track of your own contacts in one place. Whether you are a choreographer, gallery, theater company, band, filmmaker, writer, craft artist, or all of the above, we are here to help.

Listen Closely.

We didn’t just stop with our members – we took it on the road. Our Community Design Sessions have engaged artists and administrators in Baltimore, Detroit, Minneapolis, New York, San Francisco, and Pittsburgh. You told us what you needed, and we listened. And we’ll continue to listen as we roll out new features and visit more cities.

Add a Bunch of Geeks.

Fractured Atlas has a secret weapon – we speak geek. We have a stellar team of software developers who are focused solely on creating products for you. Our staff works to translate artist needs into software code. You can be sure that you’re getting the most up-to-date, innovative technology solutions from us.

Work Like Hell.

We’ve been working hard to make these ideas a reality. Our team has dreamt, planned, prioritized, implemented, tested, and retested to make sure you’re getting the best system possible. We never sit back on our heels – we’ll be making improvements and updates all the time.

Best. Service. Ever.

Sooner or later, something’s going to go wrong. Don’t panic! Our online knowledge base includes articles and tips to get you back on track without a hitch. And if you can’t figure it out yourself, the same stellar service that you have come to enjoy with Fractured Atlas’s other programs is just an email or phone call away.

Don’t just take our word for it!

Micheline Heal
Brooklyn, NY

“By serving as a central hub for my tickets, contacts, and contributions, frees up my brain to focus on what my fans want me to spend my time on--making good work.”

Nioka Kim Workman
Bronx, NY

“'s interface is very user-friendly, intuitive, and easy to learn.”

Brad Carlin
Austin, TX

“ has made us a better, faster, and stronger organization by giving us significantly more control and access to our audience and donor data.”

What Is Not

“This isn’t a complicated merchant services account adapted to a shopping cart for tickets, it’s not an expensive massive patron services database one hosts on site, it’s not a sports ticket system pushed into use for a performance venue, it’s not software adapted from another sales system. It’s a ground-up, powerful yet light-weight, user friendly arts centered system with strong commitment from a service oriented developer.”Ian Garret, Fresh Arts, TX