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Frequently Asked Questions

There are a lot of ticketing and CRM tools already available. Why did you build a new one?

Fractured Atlas works with over 36,000 artists and arts groups, and a lot of them weren't happy with their software options. Over the years we’ve built several bits of software to manage our own business. Since we understand both the arts and technology, we thought we’d make something better. was made to be different. It lets you sell tickets on your own site. It integrates sales and donations in one customer record. It’s more nimble and customizable than other systems. You are charged only for what you need—there’s no licensing fee just to keep the system running. And that’s just the beginning.

How much does cost?

It’s free to set up ticketing, donations, and contact management. Ticket buyers pay a $2 per ticket fee. The credit card companies charge a 3.5% processing fee for tickets and donations which we pass on to you, the producer.

A Ticket Sale Example:
A ticket to your production of Hamlet costs $15. A ticket buyer uses her Visa to buy a ticket through and is charged $17. We keep $2 of that. Visa charges 3.5% of the $15—that’s $0.53. You get $14.47.

A Donation to a 501(c)(3) Example:
A friend can’t make it to your production of Hamlet but decides to make a $100 donation to your organization online. His MasterCard is charged $100. MasterCard charges a 3.5% processing fee on that transaction. You get $96.50.

A Donation to Fractured Atlas Fiscally Sponsored Project Example:
Your biggest fan donates $100 to your project’s campaign through Her Visa is charged $100. Fractured Atlas assesses the standard fiscal sponsorship fee of 8%. Your fiscal sponsorship account is credited with $92. There is no additional 3.5% processing fee. Learn more about fiscal sponsorship.

See our pricing chart for more explanation.

Do I have to sign a contract?

No. There’s no obligation to stick with If it’s not working for you, you can export your data and leave (although we hope you’d first give us feedback and a chance to make things right.)

What are the technical requirements?

There’s nothing to install. It lives on the Internet like Gmail or Facebook. So it's always there when you need it on any computer. All you need is an Internet connection.

How long will it take me to learn it and set it up?

Not long! Sign-up takes less than 5 minutes. It takes 10 minutes to submit what we need to set up electronic fund transfers. Importing a list of patrons from Excel or an old database might take 10 minutes or an hour depending on how many you have. Creating a new event for ticketing could take 10-30 minutes depending on the number of price points you want to offer. Putting the transaction widget on your site takes maybe 15 minutes.

The Knowledge Base has lots of helpful articles about how to do things.

We’ve designed to be a very intuitive and self-evident tool that you can master. Your shows, your data, your tool. We don’t want you to have to depend on us but we're always here to help.

First thing you need to do is sign up for an account here.

Where’s the ticket? does not generate a physical ticket. It does however automatically send a confirmation email to every ticket buyer with a unique order number and purchase details. As a producer, you have the option to include a PDF version of the ticket in the confirmation email. You can also run an up-to-date door list and check ticket buyers in at the box office.

How do we get donations?

If you're a registered as charity with the IRS, you can accept donations through by registering for the 501(c)(3) Donations Kit. You'll also need to submit a copy of the Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) form, a voided check, and a copy of your organization's IRS Determination letter.

Once these forms have been received, your kit will be approved (usually in about 1 business day) and you'll be able to start accepting donations. A 3.5% transaction fee is passed on from the merchant account charges. No additional fees are applied to donations.

If you are a fiscally sponsored project see “What about donations to fiscally sponsored projects?

Do donors get receipts?

Receipts will automatically be issued to your donors after they've completed their transaction.

If ticket buyer adds a donation to her order, the two transactions are included in one receipt. You will need to provide the donor with any necessary tax documentation separately.

For Fractured Atlas Fiscally Sponsored Projects, the donation receipt is issued by Fractured Atlas, separately from any receipts for ticketing transactions, so your donors will receive two—one from Fractured Atlas with tax information, and one from for any ticketing transactions.

When and how do I get my money?

When you set up paid event ticketing or donations you, send us information to set up electronic fund transfers. transfers funds to your bank account two business days after your performance takes place or a donation was made. Settlements after each performance mean you don’t have to wait for the whole run to be over to get your money.

Does it integrate with my old database and mail systems?

Currently, you can integrate with MailChimp, allowing your information to be shared seamlessly between the two programs. We are working on integrations for other systems- stay tuned! We know how important these will be, but for now, it is really easy to pull lists for use with other systems.

What’s this “widget” of which you speak?

You can sell tickets just through the storefront that is automatically generated when you put tickets on sale. Or, you can kick it up a notch and install a little bit of Javascript code on your website and get a sleek shopping cart widget to appear over your web page when someone clicks “Buy” or “Donate”. This is the widget.

The clean widget design works with most web platforms and means ticket buyers don’t have to get directed off your site. Meanwhile, their financial information is securely collected and transactions are quickly processed.

Refer to the Knowledge Base for instructions on how to install the widget.

As a fiscally sponsored project, can I connect my data to my Fractured Atlas fund history?

You can connect your Fractured Atlas fiscally sponsored project to your Organization's profile page on This will import your donor history from your fiscally sponsored project into your Transactions and People records.

Donations through will automatically appear on your Fractured Atlas fund history. Ticket sales and donations manually entered into do not appear on the Fractured Atlas fund history.

What support will you provide my patrons? support is available to your patrons, but just as we want you to have access to your data, we want you to have control over your transactions. If a patron has technical trouble our support team is available to help sort it out, but for refunds, exchanges or questions regarding your show or work, your patrons should contact you first. After all, no one knows your work, your mission or your patrons better than you.

Are you using my customers’ information?

We access only the information we need to settle your transactions and help you fix things.

We will never try to sell anything to your customers.

We cannot see your customers’ credit card numbers--that information is managed by third-party credit card processing vendors with bank-level security protection.

Since we’re a non-profit organization whose mission is to support the arts and cultural sector, we may use aggregate transaction data to conduct research for the benefit of the field, but anytime we do that it will be purged of personally identifying information.

Read the relatively brief fine print--Privacy Policy, Terms of Use, and User Agreement.

How do I ____?

The Knowledge Base offers instructions and tips on every feature and task.

What if something goes wrong or I need more help?

Email We’ll respond within one business day.