Fractured Atlas
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    • Sell tickets on your site or through an Storefront
    • Process credit cards and track cash sales at the box office
    • Accept donations on your site
    • Sell tickets and take donations with a WordPress plugin
    • Sync MailChimp lists and contacts with
    • Offer multiple discount codes 
    • Group sales pricing options
    • Integrate with your Fractured Atlas fiscal sponsorship account
    • Import contact records from Excel, Access, Salesforce, or other databases
    • Import past event attendance and donation histories
    • Offer online RSVP for free events
    • Export ticket sales, donation reports, and contact information
    • Attach multiple tags to contact records
    • View and search by patrons' lifetime value to your organization
    • Create new list segments with advanced search or tag
    • Provide ticket buyers and donors with automatic email receipts
    • Integrate data with fiscal sponsorship records
    • Sell memberships, passes, and subscriptions
    • Track relationships between contacts (coming soon)