Private House Concert: Burning Bright

Music, Drinks & Community


**This event is invitation only**

Join Artistic Director Trevor Shaw, Managing Director Robbie LaBanca and members of Inversion Ensemble for an evening of music, drinks and community building. Hear previews of tracks from our forthcoming album, challenge your brain during a short score reading session and enjoy live music performed by members of the ensemble centered around love, light and f... (more)

Map of venue location.
Home of Lee Parsley & Kandice Sanaie
1231 Parkway #1
Austin, Texas 78703
  • Feb

    Friday, February 21st

    7:00 PM
    General Admission $50.00

    Includes admission to Aether: Fire happening on 2/29 and 3/1. Your name will be added to the door list for both performances.