"Curie Me Away!" Streaming Until 5/31/2020



For a limited time: Matheatre's "Curie Me Away!" is available to stream!

Purchase a "ticket" and receive an email confirmation with links to the show.
The videos will be taken down after May 31, 2020, so plan your viewing accordingly!

*Please one household per ticket. Do not share the video links with others. Instead, share this ticket link.

EDUCATORS: Group discount tickets are avail... (more)

  • May

    Sunday, May 31st

    11:59 PM
    Compounded Impact $25.00

    Extensive tour cancellations due to the COVID-19 epidemic have put Matheatre and its full time employees in financial peril.
    If you want to suppo... (more)

    Base Element $15.00

    If you simply want to watch the show, this option is for you.
    (To inquire about group tickets for students, email sadie@matheatre.com.)

    Decayed Rate $5.00

    If you've found the half life of your bank account, we have a few discounted tickets.
    (To inquire about group tickets for students, email sadie@ma... (more)