Purchase a Pass

The Seth Show continues onward with Season Two starting September 2015. Passes save you big time on a show that's already affordable. It's like saving on savings.

Pass holders save money. Ok, that's already been mentioned. Really though, that's a big deal. It has been proven that money doesn't grow on trees or any other form of plant life. Instead of paying the $8.00 at the door, you're paying only $6.50 per show. Deal!

Basically you are going to be very cool in the eyes of everyone around you and we all know how much that helps us out in life. Seriously though, pass holders are amazing art supporters who I love.

Full Seth Share
This gets you into 9 shows during the Season Two of The Seth Show! You can use this yourself or as a flex pass to bring friends but every person counts towards your 9. Got it? Yup.