Fresh Cut

Written by Rhett Martinez; Directed by Eric Parness

IATI Theater


Fresh Cut has elements of the absurd and a wicked sense of humor. It may also be called a “language play.” It is certainly comedic, but its heart is honest and sincere. It’s a story about a loving couple who struggle with the challenges of marriage as they work to create a beautiful little home—a bubble into which they may retreat from the ugliness of the outside world. It’s the story of a man ... (more)

IATI Theater
64 E. 4th Street
New York
New York New York 10003
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    Sunday, June 10th

    5:00 PM
    General Admission $0.00

    Any donation is gladly welcomed and helpful! If you wish to leave your donation at the box office, you certainly may do so. All proceeds ensure t... (more)