Imagine Euphoria

Two Plays on the Edge of Consciousness

Eclectic Collective


Two plays on the edge of consciousness.

In "Euphoria," a resentful daughter confronts her ailing dad as they wait on an oceanside cliff for her young son's departing flight to pass overhead.

Written by Erik Roycraft and featuring Phil Livernois and
Mindy Lee Whitfield.

In "Imagine," get a peek inside the dressing room of The Mitchell Bros Theatre circa 1989 as a disillusioned and dru... (more)

Venue Location Map
Carl Cherry Center for the Arts
Corner of 4th and Guadalupe
Carmel California
  • Jan

    Friday, January 25th

    7:30 PM
    General Admission $20.00
  • Jan

    Saturday, January 26th

    7:30 PM
    General Admission $20.00