Inversion Ensemble Aether: AIR



The innovative and critically acclaimed choral group, Inversion Ensemble, explores the four alchemical elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water in its fourth season, Aether. September 28 and 29 Inversion Ensemble presents the concert "Air—inspiration/wind," exploring how ephemeral nature of this element represents the fleeting spirit of inspiration and change. Local composers Carlos Cordero, Adri... (more)

Map of venue location.
Redeemer Presbyterian Church
2111 Alexander Ave
Austin, Texas 78722
  • Sep

    Sunday, September 29th

    3:00 PM
    Season Ticket $50.00

    This ticket grants access to the following concerts:
    Air: September 29th 3 pm
    Fire: February 29th or March 1st
    Water: May 30th or 31st

    General Admission $20.00

    Inversion Ensemble
    Aether: Air
    September 2019