The Debates: Healthcare Cabaret

A night of theater and questions about our healthcare system

Theater in Asylum


We're three debates in and a LOT has been said about our healthcare system.
Our candidates are debating Healthcare, Health Insurance, Medicare for All, Obamacare, a Public Option, Reproductive Justice, Mental Health, and our changing Environment's impact on health.
What's on the table?
​What should be?
Where should voters' imagination be?
How will we choose our nominee?

Map of venue location.
South Oxford Space
138 S Oxford Street
Brooklyn, New York 11217
  • Oct

    Sunday, October 20th

    7:00 PM
    Hero Admission $20.00

    Thank you so much for supporting Theater in Asylum and our ever-unprofitable ideas!! Your extra admission helps us subsidize lower-income audiences.

    General Admission $10.00
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