ACRE Rising: An Astronomical Astrological Event


Friday, Nov, 30 2012 06:00 PM

Celebrate ACRE with an art auction and dance party. See into your future with personal tarot readings, participate in astrological matchmaking, and take in music and performances by Spectralina and DJ Jean Shorts.

We invite you to draw inspiration from the Zodiac and don attire befitting this stellar event! Make sure to check ACRE's horoscope style blog to guide you.

Auction and Raffle featuring art works by:

Lauren Anderson, Caitlin Arnold, Claire Ashley, Zachary Buchner, Alex Chitty, Katy Cowan, Lorraine Dauw, Dan Devening, Chris Duncan, Paul Erschen, Ron Ewert, Edie Fake, Scott Fortino, Ben Funke, Aron Gent, Chiara Keeling Gonzalez, Jacob Chris Hammes, Jebediah Johnson, Jenny Kendler, Natalie Krick, Matt Lane, Meg Leary, Laura Letinsky, Sofia Leiby, Sarah Mosk, Jessie Mott, Laura Hart Newlon, Matt Nichols, Kristina Paabus, Michael Rea, Josh Reames, Joseph Rynkiewicz, Anna Shteynshleyger, Montgomery Perry Smith, Oli Watt, Sarah Weber, Andrew Norm Wilson and more.

There are no tickets available for purchase.
Heaven Gallery
1550 N Milwaukee Ave
2nd flr
Chicago IL 60608