Pop Up & Spin Philly!

Celebrate movement in spectacular ways with your SpinCo Family.

Philadelphia Spin Coalition (SpinCo)


Pop Up & Spin Philly! on the 1st Sunday of every month. Discover new and exciting places like aerial studios, museums, and hidden parks in the tri-state while exchanging tips and tricks with friends. Never more than $5 to participate regardless of venue!

For adults, teens, and kids.
New Location Every Month.

Visit spinco.org/events for information about the next location!

Various Locations
Greater Philadelphia Area Pennsylvania
(484) 380-5081
  • Nov

    Sunday, November 5th

    5:00 PM
    Register here for $5 entry $0.00

    In effort to keep your entry cost low, please plan to pay $5 cash at the door. We would rather you keep the $2 service fee for these types of month... (more)