Purchase a Pass

Corkscrew Theater Festival is pleased to offer a streamlined ticket pass system for our 2019 season. Below you'll find the different pass options - as usual, the more shows you see, the more you save!

When you purchase a pass, you'll receive a personal Pass Code to apply while purchasing tickets through our festival storefront (artful.ly/the-brewing-dept). You have full control over which performances you see, and you don't need to book all your tickets all at once. Our festival storefront goes live June 3rd, alongside individual ticket sales!

This year, our passes are defined by the number of tickets they provide. Each pass you purchase comes with a distinct code that can only be applied to a production once (i.e., you couldn't see the same show twice on the same pass). Please note that all pass types can be applied towards Mainstage and/or Downstairs Programming – you are not required to use your pass exclusively on one strand of programming or the other!